Thursday, June 9, 2011

Smock, Paper, Scissors...the blog

Okay, so I don't actually smock...yet. I'm learning to embroider and have limited sewing abilities, but I am ambitious. My house is littered with bits of paper, yarn snippets and kids craft projects in various stages of creative chaos. Add to that an adorable four year old who’s become accustom to themed birthday parties, tie-dye t-shirts and the occasional knitted tiara and you’ve got something crafty to blog about. So here I am.


  1. Angie!!! You totally amaze me and always have! I absolutely LOVE the little monster.... And would love a special creation of my own... You name the price! Great idea! Miss you all tons and chat soon! Xo Rach...don't know what URL etc to "anonymous "

  2. I'm a follower from Brampton. How much fun is this. It's a "feel great" for the day.

  3. Thanks! This is my first week as a "Blogger", thank you for following!

    ~ angie