Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Daisy Chain

How to Make a Daisy Chain

Who needs diamonds and pearls when you have a field full of daisies? 

What you need:

~ A field full of daisies (look for flowers that have thick stems and   are healthy and open)
~ Fingernails

    • Pick a bunch of daisies; the amount of daisies depends on the fullness and size of the chain you want to make.
    •  Make a slit near the bottom of the daisy; don’t go all the way down! Make the slit just a bit bigger than the width of the daisy stem. The closer the slit is to the flower, the fuller your chain will be.
    •  Thread the stem of another daisy through the slit.  Repeat with all your daisies
    •  To finish, make a slightly bigger slit in the last daisy in your chain and thread the first daisy head through the slit.

    1 comment:

    1. One of my favorite summer childhood memories is of the teenage girls in our neighbourhood making daisy chain crowns for us on hot summer days. we truly felt like princesses.