Monday, July 4, 2011

Mom- 1 / Bad Day- 0

Here's one, and it all starts with nemesis!  Sophia LOVES it; however, she seemed to be getting a little frustrated by it as well yesterday.  She was explaining to me that she wanted glitter that didn't make a "horrible mess" like the glitter glue that she was trying to decorate the vertical surface of a box with.  Of course with the amount of glitter glue she applies, it was dripping down the box and would have taken three days to dry. 
She wanted a different kind of glitter and despite her best efforts, I just couldn't figure out what she was talking about.  After going back and forth for ten minutes, she sighed and said "Mommy, you're being really hard on me!" 
"I am?" I replied. 
"Yes, it's just really frustrating when you don't know what I'm talking about!" 
"Well, I'm sorry sweetie" I replied. 
"Well I know that you're sorry but you have to know what I'm talking about!" 
Ahhh...this went on for a very long time until I finally figured out that she was talking about the Crayola Colour Wonder Glitter Paint Pen that she had used at her grand mamans over the May long weekend! 
Although I'm also not a huge fan of the Colour Wonder, I promised her that we would go on Monday (today) to get one.  We drove all the way out to the north end of town, a 30 minute drive in the sweltering heat.  Oh, we decided to try using my husbands Toyota Tercel instead of the van for the summer to save money on gas...two door and no AC, I'll keep you posted on how long this lasts.  Anyway, her and I drove all the way out there, found the Colour Wonder, it was on sale!!  I also got a minimal amount of groceries while I was there and proceeded to the self check out.  I scanned all my items and "placed my items directly in the bag" and clicked pay, got my total and I reached into my purse only then to discover that my wallet wasn't in my purse....
So, it was a long and disappointing drive home for both of us followed by a solo trip to a store in the south end, where I live to get the Colour Wonder Glitter Pen and oh ya, I took the van!

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