Tuesday, June 14, 2011

What to do with all this mint?

It has been a wet spring but that is good news for my mint and rhubarb!  I have always grown mint, or should I say that it has always grown itself (it's practically a weed) but have never done anything with it.  I decided to give it a big ol' trim and make a big pot of tea.

Remove the leaves from the stems and give them a rinse

I think it would be about 4 leaves per 2 cups of water...so I filled the pot :0)

Bring it to a boil

Turn off and strain.  You could leave it a little while longer depending on how strong you want it...I had a ridiculous amount of mint so I strained it right away and it was perfect

Add a little honey (if you like)

And serve!  You can see the mint oils floating on the top...yum!


  1. I grow mint for the sole purpose of having mojitos all summer.

  2. Great recipe! I think I drank my weight in mint tea while in Morocco and have been looking for a good, easy recipe. I'm also a fan of serving it with a mint leaf in the glass.

  3. MMMmmm...Mojitos! They go straight to my head so I only drink them when my sister comes to visit!

    I have a lot of the mint tea left over in the fridge and I've been drinking it iced...yummy!! (I'll take a picture with a mint leaf in the glass Jess)