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The Theme

Think everything Candy Land!  I pulled out the board game and had a good look it and tried to think of things that I could easily incorporated into the decor that would make the house feel like you just stepped into a real life board game.
I use simple coloured construction paper to make the squares for the path to the door.

Over Sized Lollipop

I made as much over sized candy as I could!
Use two plastic table cloths of contrasting colour ($1ea). 
Bunched each lengthwise and then twisted them together. 
Use a hot glue gun to adhere it onto a cardboard circle in a spiral. 
Paint a wrapping paper roll white and hot glued it onto the back. 
Last, wrap the top with clear cellophane gift wrap ($1) and tie it up with a ribbon. 
Super easy!  Total cost $3 plus the cost of paint and glue.  I used leftover trim paint from a house project.

Giant Bon Bons

Use paper lanterns ($1ea)
Wrap them in Cellophane ($1 for a roll) and tie tightly on each side.
Total Cost $4 for 3 bon bons

Giant Candies

Use multicoloured paper plates ($1 for 25)
Wrap each plate in cellophane ($1) and tie at each end.
You can wrap about 4 plates with one roll of cellophane from the dollar store
Total cost for 4 candies $1.16

Bubble Gum Garland

This took a bit of time but wasn't difficult.  Depending on the age of your child, you could also get them to help. 
For about 8' of garland, buy 2 packages of gumballs at the dollar store ($1ea) and one package of Double Bubble ($1).

Use a nail or metal skewer to poke a hole through each gumball.
Thread a darning needle with string (or dental floss) and then start threading on the gumballs.  I used about 10 gumball to one Double Bubble. 
For the Double Bubble I poked my needle through the paper at one end and then out the other end.
Total cost ($3) plus the cost of string.

Rocket Garland

I cant say for sure how many packages of rockets you have to buy because I kept eating them but one big bag or 2 or 3 small ones from the Dollar Store should do the trick ($3)
Simply tie one end of the rocket to another using ribbon.  When you're all done, curl the ends.
Total cost ($3) plus curling ribbon but I have tons leftover from Christmas every year.

Bubble Gum Tree

Paint a Styrofoam cone yellow ($7) and glue Double Bubble gums onto the cone using a glue gun.  I had to use about three small packages of gum.($3)
Total cost $10  By far the most expensive decoration but I also used it as a game.  Guess how many gums on the tree...win the tree!!

Guess How Many Double Bubbles?!

Look who won!

Real Candy Decor

I didn't want to overdo it with the real candy because it can be expensive and I didn't want the kids to eat TOO much candy!  
I bought these small swirly pops they were about $10 for 24 lollipops.  I used them as decorations and also gave them out as the kids left the party.
Total spent on candy, about $25


Now before you say "I could NEVER do that" let me tell you, just try!  You can amaze yourself.  I went to my local Michael's store and asked them to put aside a large piece of cardboard for me and I was able to make all of these characters from the one BIG piece of cardboard.
I did use quite a bit of paint but I still have some paint leftover so I consider it an investment...lol 

Lollipop Fruit Tray

I used a cookie cutter to cut out gingerbread man pitas for the hummus.
Rolled cream cheese and cherry and peanut butter and banana sandwiches make the perfect shandwich pops.  Just ask your        bakery to slice your bread lengthwise.  Spread topping on a slice, add a row of cherries or a long slice of banana, roll up and slice.  Insert lollipop stick.

Colourful Goldfish are always fun!
The Cake

I used two square cakes side by side and iced them with boiled icing.  Then I used easy to find candies to decorate it.

Complete with an edible candle!
 The Games

This was the first year that we played organized games at the party, I wasn't exactly sure how it was going to go bit, it was a HIT!

Decorate your own lolly-pop!  I used a glue gun to attach a Popsicle stick to a paper plate and let the kids decorate their own while waiting for all the guests to arrive.

Musical Squares!  I taped colourful construction paper to the floor and it played out like musical chairs.  I played some "sweet" music.  Lollipop - Chordettes, My Boy Lollipop - Millie, I Want Candy - Bow Wow Wow, Sugar Sugar - Archies, I am a Gummy Bear - The True Star

Pass the peppermint.  Sort of a relay race, because we weren't really crowning a winner in our games, we just split them into teams and had them walk down the hall balancing the peppermint on the spoon and then passing it off to their team member.  It was fun.

FREEZE!  I used the same music and they danced like crazy and when the music stopped they had to freeze!  last to freeze or first to move was out.  We played this a bunch of times, it was fun!

Make your own Edible Jewelry!  I had seen a post showing how to make a bead out of a fruit roll up as a stopper for the end of the necklace.  I chose not to do that and then wished that I had because tying the shoelace licorice in a knot just caused it to break.  The kids didn't seem to care.  Once they'd eaten their fill, we put them in their loot bags (boxes).

 Loot Box Time

Because Sophia's birthday is during the Samaritan's Purse / Operation Christmas Child collection time, we give out her loot bag "stuff" in a box for each child.  That way, if they want to, they can fill it with toys and surprises for a child in need

I added a little poem to each box, as well as the instructions that come with the box so that everyone would know what to do with it...Gumdrops, lollipops and licorice galore
So much candy, you'll float out the door
Once this box is empty, fill it with stuff
For a child who's Christmas this year could be a bit rough
For a boy or girl, whatever you send
Who knows, you might just make a new friend

This is one of the best parts!  We love filling the box with thoughtful things.  Sophia always has the best ideas. You get to choose things for either a boy or girl as well as the age group.  There are a few restrictions of things that you cannot include but our trouble is usually that we find too many things to fit in one box!  

If you are interested, follow this link to learn more:  http://www.samaritanspurse.org/index.php/OCC/index/

Here are some pictures from the 2012 delivery :0)

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