Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sophia's Room

My Favourite Room in the House 

It didn't start out as my favourite room.  We bought our house when I was 8 months pregnant and the room that was to become the nursery was an in home nail salon...with brown shag carpet. (yuk)  So my first priority was to pull up the carpet, strip the wallpaper and set up the crib!  It turned out perfect and we loved it!! 

When Sophia came along, her room was a great fit!  However, as all kids seem to do, she started collecting "stuff", well, stuffies mostly and her small room seemed to get even smaller.  So it has evolved over the years.

I think we are at about maximum capacity for the storage/space balance now and it suits her perfectly. I LOVE it!  I sort of wish it was my room.  While yes, I did tidy up her room before taking pictures I did not "stage" her room so it's not perfect.  Her room is packed and a bit quirky but that's what I like about it!

Some of our favourite things and special items
We removed her closet door at one point and put her dresser inside, it was dark and cramped and didn't really work so we took it back out.  The curtains stayed.

Pile O-Stuffies

Favourite things on the wall...
Hanging a shoe holder from the ceiling over her bed to keep her tiny stuffies close at hand.

Some storage solutions.  Hanging the bookcase horizontally was a big one.  Her tights and unmentionables are within reach.
  1.  Glow In The Dark Solar System Mobile that I had to paint and assemble myself.  I suggest you get a ready made one.
  2. This stuffed animal wall toy (as I like to call it) is from a local store-Ramakko's tackle world but you can order online from "Stuffed Animal House" directly. 
  3. Disney Store Online.
  4. Fairy made by a local artist, if you look close enough you can see her nipple.  Always makes me giggle.
  5. a.)  A dresser that I crackle painted.  I don't have a tutorial for this but there are many out there.  Here are two different techniques, one using a crackle effect paint and the other using wood glue between paint coats.  I used a mushroom colour for the base colour and an antique white for the top coat.   b.)  Ikea curtains.
  6. Ikea flower light.
  7. Awe, I just looked on the site and Stork Craft doesn't seem to sell the Jenny-Lind model anymore.  I liked the spindly bars.
  8. Name plate outside her door.
  9. a.) and b.) from You Name It Baby.  I have a confession...the book holder was constructed for me by a friend and I painted it to look like the one online that I couldn't afford.
  10. Twinkle lights make everything magical.
  11. The fairy again and pig wall decals to go along with my "This little Piggy..." art work.
  12. I pulled the inside "stamen" out of a artificial flower and stuck it onto the mini light.  Makes a beautiful shadow at night.
  13. I mounted an inexpensive bookcase horizontally onto the wall using L brackets.
  14. I just bought this great night stand at the Zellers closing out sale.  It closes magnetically and is also stackable if you buy more than one.
  15. This beautiful lamp that was a gift when Sophia was born.  The base is a Touch Lamp which is PERFECT for kids!  - Pottery Barn.  Also you can almost see her alarm's also the best!  Kids Sleep Clock keeps her in bed in the morning if she wakes up too early!
  16. Toy storage bins from Costco!  I love them...also a label maker is a must!!

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