Saturday, March 30, 2013


I spent Good Friday home doing Easter crafts with Sophia and her "BFF".  We made so many fun things!  It was a great day.  I was feeling a bit bad for not having done any Easter Crafts up to that point...well, we made up for it!!

Easter Bouquets 

Made from Egg Carton Flowers and Hand print Lilies. 
The egg carton flowers were easy, I cut out the cups the night before to save time but I'm sure older kids could handled this on their own.  I used small curved cuticle scissors to easily cut a rounded petal.
I got the idea for the hand print lilies here

Cute Chicks

Then we dyed Easter Eggs and made some of them into cute hatching chicks.


Then we made these CUTE dipped strawberries that look like carrots.  I think I saw the idea on Pinterest but if you can dip a strawberry, you can make these.  They were super yummy too.  You can get the full instructions here.

Really, these were sooooo yummy!

What else....

Bunny Whiskers :+

These were super easy and cute!  I had the girls choose the colours they wanted and then I used a glue gun to attach the pipe cleaner and pom poms.  White glue would have worked but the glue gun is just so fast!!

Peep Kabobs

Easy...Peeps on a stick

I used the Wilton Retzel Bags that I bought at Michaels

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